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Coronavirus Impact - Updated Daily

Coronavirus Impact - Updated Daily

Greetings Christ Church Family and Friends!

UPDATED 3/23: On Monday March 16th we decided to implement the CDC's recommendations and our presidents appeal to slow the spread of COVID-19 by SUSPENDING ALL OF OUR PUBLIC GATHERINGS and alter our community building strategy rather drastically.

There were mixed feelings about this on our team but we just aren't willing to run the risk of becoming a point of contagion leading to sickness or even death. Ultimately, one of our core values is that people are more important than things; even church services.

It’s time for us to go bigger than ever by acting smaller than ever. We have an unprecedented opportunity to BE the most loving people in town by patiently enduring this virus and its effects and gently walking with people who are experiencing it differently. Some are nonchalant, others are terrified but all of us need to be there for each other.

I know how much we all love worshiping together and connecting in large groups but during this strange season let’s allow that love and care to flow to our church family and beyond in a person to person way and via phone calls, text messages and live streams.

For now I think it’s prudent to act as cautiously as we can. We will stream services Sunday mornings at 9am and 11am but suspend all other weekly small groups and large groups until further notice.

Since so much changes everyday we aren't going to plan too far into the future. We will stay 2 weeks ahead of this until we feel it’s time to resume business as usual, which means March 29 and April 5th (Palm Sunday) we will not host on site church. Easter weekend is not settled yet but there are not strong indicators that we will resume meeting by then either so have decided to cancel our Saturday Easter Family Fun Day.

You can reach any of the staff via phone or email and follow our Facebook page for updated information.

Love you all!

Pastor Jesse