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Worship Team Policy

Worship Team Mission:

To be, become, and make worship disciples through musical ministry.


Everything that we do is for the glorification of Jesus. Our objective on stage is to use our gifts to point people to Him, not to use the stage as a platform to glorify our gifts. This does not mean to not be excellent, rather bring your musical excellence and apply it to the purpose of serving the song as a musician and inspiring worshippers as a disciple maker.


  • Bring personal excellence to all that you do
  • Arrive on time
  • Be prepared
  • Be flexible (sometimes things change)
  • Honor the vision
  • Continue to cultivate your skill/craft inside and outside of scheduled practice
  • Respond to scheduling requests in a timely manner


Team members are to receive scheduling requests no later than the last day of the preceding month. (This does not include scheduling changes, fill-in requests, and scheduling switches that may occur due to sickness, personal reasons, etc.)


Songs for a Sunday service will be posted no later than 10 days in advance (two Thursdays before the service) by the week’s scheduled worship leader. All scheduled songs shall include correct keys and complete attachments. If applicable, additional charts, tracks and resources can be supplied by the Worship Director.

All Team Members are to attend a weekly scheduled practice and minimally be familiar with all songs in the setlist. Because we do not have a lot of time to practice together, it is important that you play your part as close to the recorded track as possible. This will enable everyone to effectively practice at home.

Calling Out:

If you are sick, think you are sick, or think there’s a chance you will be sick, please notify your weekly Worship Leader and Worship Director immediately so that we can have someone on standby. Your part is extremely important to the worship atmosphere. It’s extremely hard to find someone to learn your parts the day before and even harder the morning of. Please be respectful and keep us in the loop.

Joining the Team:

When applicable, there will be an audition held once a month for new applicants. All applicants need to apply prior to start time, this is not an open audition. All applications shall be submitted to the Worship Director. There are two prerequisites for applying:

  1. You consider CCPO as your home church and regularly attend, and
  2. You understand, agree, and support all policies listed above.