We are an Empowered Missional Community!


Being a disciple of Jesus means reordering my priorities (Luke 14:26-27), reallocating my possessions (v28-33), and reaffirming my purpose (v34-35). He is our Lord and Master, we are stewards of his possessions not owners of our own, and we look to him to know who we are and why we are here.


Because it takes time for people to count the cost and make a committed decision, and because the process of transformation is slow, we are BECOMING disciples. We want all people to follow Jesus from wherever they are and continue making movements toward him.


This is a life of divine blessing, fullest joy, and human flourishing! The most loving thing we can do is implore and invite others to follow Jesus along with us. So we are Disciple makers.

About Us

Joined with Jesus, we are radically restored in our identity, constantly engaged in His mission, and now all of our relationships are redefined by His love.