Whether you're giving your regular tithe or offering as a Christ Church member or a one time gift as our guest, we want to say thank you!
Anything you give is first unto the Lord, but we simply cannot carry out our mission and calling as a church without the generous contributions of people like you!

Checks can be mailed to:

Christ Church Port Orange
P.O. Box 290848
Port Orange, Fl 32129

Christ Church Daytona Beach
P.O. Box 10544
500 Bill France Blvd.
Daytona Beach, FL 32114

Thank you!

89 / 10 / 1
89 / 10 / 1

The leaders and members of Christ Church are committed to giving generously as well, so we have committed as a minimum that the first 10 cents of every dollar we recieve goes to our local and global mission and is not used for our own operational expenses. After that the next 1% (or more) is set aside as benevolence for the deserving poor among us. Finally we use no more than 89% of our contributions to cover our operational expenses, such as facility related costs and staff compensation. We believe these percentages reflect a heart of faith and worship toward God and express our priorities as a church.


There is great disagreement on the subject of giving, and tithing in particular. While we don’t believe that the New Testament specifically commands tithing (giving 10% of ones income) we do FULLY AFFIRM the clear commands to give Faithfully, Intentionally, Sacrificially, & Cheerfuly and to do so Abroad & Locally. We do find that 10% of ones income is a great place to start giving for MOST PEOPLE and we commend tithing to our members as a helpful practice. (If you are very wealthy 10% may be far too little to be considered sacrificial and if you are extremely poor 10% may be far too much to be faithful.)

Setup Online Giving

Online Giving Using Your Debit Card, Credit Card or Bank Account

There are three steps to giving online. It is simple and secure, and will only take a few moments to go through the process. We are a 501(c)3 organization, and all contributions are tax-deductible.

  1. To make a one-time or recurring donation, please click the button below and click the appropriate option.
  2. Once you click the button, you will be directed to our secure giving website. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete your donation.
  3. You will receive an e-mail receipt of your donation, which you will need to save for tax purposes. Thank you in advance!
Update Online or Text Giving

If you have given in the past, you can log into your giving account at any time to do a one-time gift, start or edit a recurring dontation, or change payment method.

  1. Log into your Giving profile here (No password needed, just follow the prompts to verify your identity.)
  2. Once you are logged in, you can make the following changes:
    • Add/Remove Payment Method: Scroll down to the Payment Methods section. To remove an account, click the red X on the right side. To add a new account, click the “+Add Payment Method” on the bottom right side. The new payment method will be available for future giving. If you use Text giving or have a Recurring Donation, please continue to the steps below to apply the new payment method.
    • Edit Recurring Donation: Scroll down to the Recurring Donation section.
      • To change payment method: First, make sure your “new” payment method has been added using the steps in the “Add/Remove Payment Method” section above. Then, locate your exciting recurring donation and click the pencil icon on the right side to edit. Use the dropdown menu to select a different payment method, and click Update Donation to save.
      • To change the amount, you will need to delete the existing recurring donation and create a new one. Next to your existing recurring donation, click the pencil icon on the right side to edit, then click the red Delete button. Back on the main screen, click “+Add Recurring Donation” to create your new gift amount. On the following page, enter your:
        • Giving amount
        • Frequency
        • First Donation Date
        • Click on your Payment Method at the bottom, or add a new method.
        • After choosing payment method, click the “Start Giving” button at the bottom.
    • Edit Text-to-Give Payment Method: near the top of your Giving webpage, locate the Text-to-Give section. If you’ve previously given by text, you will see the Payment Method attached to your text giving. To change this, select the pencil icon on the right side, then proceed to edit the Payment Method. Note: This only affects the payment method associated with one-time text giving. If you’d like to edit recurring giving, please see those instructions above.