Small Groups

We wholeheartedly believe that personal transformation happens in our most intimate relationships.

Our desire is to see every person connecting and growing in community. We believe that community can’t be found or joined but must be created. Make time to get to know one another better and develop friendships that build you up.

We want any small groups that happen at Christ Church to be individually organized. So start a new group, Bible study, or book study. Invite some friends and neighbors and create community. You don’t need our permission or oversight but if we can help you get started please ask!

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Party Of 7

Want to get to know more people in your church community? Looking for a fun way to get connected? Join a Party of 7 and enjoy great conversation over four dinners (or activities) with other church members who also want to connect. The focus is fun, food, and fellowship. You’ll have a chance to share your story and hear other’s as well. “Party of 7” will be open continuously and you can join in as many times as you want, making new friends every time.

Most churches have small groups of some kind and so do we, but they are a little unconventional. We have independently organized small groups and we call them GroupX (like TedX) :). Anyone can host a group and we will post the relevant info on our website as long as the group is SMALL (less than 12 people), SEASONAL (has a start and end date), and SPECIFIC (has a stated purpose or focus). Often these groups are full when they begin, but if not, we’ll help others find your group by posting it here. The goals are community and discipleship, so don’t be discouraged if your group is very small. That’s a win! And because they’re seasonal, you’ll experience many different kinds of groups over months and years.